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Sustainable mobility

Mobility has become, over the past few years, an essential problematic of sustainable development. It spans every domain: economic, industrial, urbanistic, social, environmental… The Michelin Corporate Foundation involves itself in innovative projects in favour of sustainable mobility, respectful of Man and the planet and resolutely turned towards the future.

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Sport and Health

Access to health services is a fundamental right, as reminded by the World Health Organization (WHO). Sport is an efficient medium for social integration and its beneficial effects on health no longer need to be demonstrated. Nevertheless, access to health services and sports remains to be developed, especially in disadvantaged areas. The Foundation is therefore…

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Interview of Charles Fiessinger

Michelin Group Diversity and France Mobility Spaces Manager Michelin Backer for the Orchestre d’Auvergne, Braille & Culture, the Fondation de la Deuxième Chance, and Du Répit pour les Familles Why become a Michelin backer? When Anne Teffo, the Deputy Director, sought me out, I discovered the depth of the Michelin Corporate Foundation and its various…

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Education and the community

Education is the most efficient way to fight social and professional exclusion. It guarantees equal chances, and contributes to making society more equitable. True to its values, the Foundation brings its support to and promotes education as a lever for personal and collective development.

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Protecting the environment

The fight against global warming, the renewing of energies, the preservation of resources and biodiversity are fundamental challenges for the future of our planet. The multiplication of world summits (Grenelle, COP21…) shows how vital it is to act in favour of the environment. This responsibility lies as much with the State and companies as it…

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Heritage and the arts

Culture and heritage are pillars for the construction and development of each community. Both an inheritance from former generations and a legacy to future ones, cultural heritage constitutes a common property resource which creates an essential link at the heart of societies. The Michelin Corporate Foundation is very engaged in the life of territories where…

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