Heritage and the arts

Culture and heritage are pillars for the construction and development of each community. Both an inheritance from former generations and a legacy to future ones, cultural heritage constitutes a common property resource which creates an essential link at the heart of societies.

The Michelin Corporate Foundation is very engaged in the life of territories where the Group is implanted, and supports cultural creation and contributes to the preservation of local heritage.

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International violin and piano competition


Shanghai, Virtually Versailles digital exhibition presenting the history and iconic venues of the palace of Versailles

logo Versailles

Exhibition of archeological finds from the Avaricum business park showing the life of a riverside community through the ages


Creating digital records of the costume and manuscript collections of the Comédie Française


2019 season of the Ensemble Correspondances in Paris and Versailles


Preserving and restoring the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris following the fire on April 15th

Capture logo

“Chagall, du coq à l’âne” exhibition at Brioude

Logo Le Doyenné

Development of the Forteresse Saint-Vidal cultural heritage site with the creation of new events and attractions

logo saint vidal

Restoration of the 15th century Pietà in Albi cathedral

NOUVEAU logo Sauvegarde