Sustainable mobilities

Recognizing the long-standing pioneering character of the Michelin group in strategic anticipation and innovation in favor of responsible travel of goods and people, the Michelin Corporate Foundation wants to promote sustainable mobility by encouraging:

• Road safety education from an early age

• Innovative solutions for a safer, cleaner, and more accessible mobility

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YOURS created the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety, a platform bringing together more than 400 individual members and organizations to drive momentum to make roads safer. The objective of the NGO YOURS is to improve road safety by encouraging thousands of young people (“ambassadors and champions”) to carry out prevention, information and mobilization actions.

IDDRI -Institute of Sustainable Development and International Relations

The Institute of Sustainable Development and International Relations is a think tank that facilitates the transition to sustainable development. The Foundation supports their research project around the decarbonization of transport on an international scale thanks to the mobilization of multidisciplinary teams in 40 countries.


The Foundation supports the SuM4All “Sustainable Mobility for All” initiative, launched in 2017, which aims to promote sustainable and inclusive mobility for all citizens, especially the most vulnerable, everywhere in the world.