Healthy living & eating

Dreaming with the Michelin group that in 2050, everyone will live healthier for longer, the Michelin Corporate Foundation wants to develop practices promoting healthy living and a balanced diet, by encouraging:

• Physical activities contributing to the physical and mental health of people at all stages of their lives

• Awareness and accessibility to healthy and sustainable food for all

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The Michelin Corporate Foundation contributed to the launch of the “mobile-kitchen” which travels on the roads of France to educate younger generations about eating well, on a low budget. Since September 2022, nearly 1,000 children from priority areas have benefited from the “mobile-kitchen” workshops.


The ambition of the “Maison de la Vie” stays is to welcome and support people in remission on the path to reconstruction. This project was born from a meeting between the Michelin Foundation, which wanted to create a place dedicated to people who had cancer, and the Siel Bleu Associative Group, which makes physical activity…


Founded in 1911 by Marcel Michelin, the ASM OMNISPORTS focuses on 3 commitments: the educational center, the high-level sports center, the vitality/well-being center. The association carries out nearly 300 interventions per year which benefit to nearly 1,500 beneficiaries, mainly residents of priority areas of the city. The Michelin Corporate Foundation encourages the approach to social…