Governance and operation


The Michelin Corporate Foundation, presided by Florent Menegaux, has two governing bodies at its disposal as well as a team of permanent staff dedicated to keeping its action going.
The Executive Board and the Selection Committee each meet at least twice a year to examine and validate submitted projects.

The Executive Board

The Executive Board is chaired by Florent Menegaux. It comprises four members of the Michelin Group’s Executive Committee, a staff representative, and three outside persons. It defines general orientations and validates projects worth more than 100,000 euros.

Florent Menegaux

CEO, Michelin & President of Michelin Corporate Foundation

Yves Chapot

Partner & Chief Financial Officer

Adeline Challon-Kemoun

EVP, Engagement & Brands, Group Executive Committee Member

Jean-Claude Pats

Chief People Officer,
Group Executive Committee Member

Jean-Michel Guillon

CEO, ASM Clermont Auvergne

Patrick Bernard

Michelin Group Staff Representative

Jean Chazal

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Auvergne and neurosurgeon

Brice Lalonde

Former French Minister of the Environment, President of Equilibre des énergies

Catherine Pégard

CEO of the Public Establishment of the Palace, Museum and National Estate of Versailles


The Selection Committee comprises nine members who represent the diversity of the Group’s actions. It is tasked with the validation of projects worth between 5,001 and 99,999 euros.


The Executive Director validates projects worth less than 5,000 euros.

The Foundation Team

Philippe Legrez

Executive Director

Anne Teffo-modified (1)
Anne Teffo

Deputy Director

Nathalie Ellie-modified
Nathalie Ellie


Lorraine Delafon
Lorraine Delafon

Contracts and Project Manager

Sophia Aris-modified (2)
Sophia Aris

Accounting and Project Manager

Béatrice Gaudard - Copie-modified
Béatrice Gaudard

Administration and Project Manager


  • Collecting and processing all grant requests, preselecting projects
  • Presenting the preselected projects to the Executive Board
  • Carrying out the Executive Board’s decisions regarding the philanthropic strategy, selected projects, and annual budget
  • Ensuring a good follow-up to the projects, reporting by the beneficiaries, and internal and external communication

A word by Executive Director



“The Michelin Corporate Foundation aims to follow and develop Michelin’s philantropic tradition in five fields: sustainable mobility, sport and health, education and the community, protecting the environment, and heritage and the arts.
Its action during its first year of existence illustrates the variety of the projects supported in each of the five fields, at the service of general interest and in concordance with Michelin’s values and engagement. With the help of especially-motivated employees of the Group, the Foundation has strongly involved itself in the life of local communities. Its contributions have made it possible to set up or support numerous projects, often innovative and especially useful ones.
The Michelin Corporate Foundation will, without a doubt, manage to multiply its philanthropic actions in the future, and through them radiate the values the Group holds so dear.”

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