Equal opportunities & Inclusion

Inspired by faith in people and progress as well as by the Michelin group’s central value of Respect for People, the Michelin Corporate Foundation wants to promote equal opportunities and inclusion, by encouraging:

• Access to employment for people who need it most, at any stage of their lives

• Initiatives promoting respect for all diversity and their inclusion, contributing to individual well-being and better collective living

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Lazarius develops shared accommodation between homeless people and young workers. More than 770 people have lived in the Lazarious houses since 2011. The Foundation supports the upcoming opening current 2024 of a shared accommodation in Clermont-Ferrand.


Designed by the NGO Bibliothèques Sans Frontières, the “Karibu” application offers non-French-speaking foreigners the basis for communicating on a daily basis and at work. Integration into the host country begins with mastery of the language. Faced with this challenge, the application was initially designed in October 2022 to quickly familiarize Ukrainian refugees with the French…


The Michelin Corporate Foundation is committed to equal opportunities. In this context, it supports the Chemins d’avenirs association, a structure which focuses above all on the motivation of young people, independently of the traditional filters of academic results or social criteria. In this program dedicated 100% to young people from rural areas and small towns,…