Biodiversity of forests

For a sustainable symbiosis with our environment, the biodiversity of our forests is essential.

This is why the Michelin Corporate Foundation supports initiatives to preserve and restore forests for a future where Man and Nature can flourish sustainably.

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Canada, which has a very important natural heritage, has invested in Nova Scotia through the Nova Scotia Nature Trust and the “Twice the Wild” program, launched in 2020. This program consists in doubling the protected natural spaces by 2025, thanks to a donation campaign among citizens. Working internationally, the Michelin Corporate Foundation has chosen to…

WWF BRAZIL (South America)

Amazonian forest, the green lung of the planet, is home to unique biodiversity. To protect it against degradations that threaten it, WWF Brazil, supported by the Michelin Corporate Foundation since 2019, is changing the situation in the state of Amazonas in Brazil by revitalizing the natural rubber production. This initiative allows local populations to generate…