ASM in motion – The Sport Health Center


The Maisons Sport-Santé (MSS) program, initiated in 2019 by the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, has now a network of 436 Sport-Health Centers throughout France.

These Sport-Health Centers allow people suffering from long-term illnesses and resuming activities, but also all people over the age of 16 who so wish, to be taken care of and accompanied by sport and health coaches.

The objective is to offer a personalized sport-health program likely to meet specific needs, and thus enable the practice of sustainable physical and sporting activity.

In Clermont-Ferrand, since its opening in September 2021, the ASM Sport-Health Center has been able to accommodate 140 people who now benefit from a personalized program.

The Michelin Foundation supports the sport-health initiatives of ASM in Motion.

For more information: Press release of March 23, 2022