The issues confronting public health make the Michelin Corporate Foundation’s commitment to sport more relevant than ever. Once again, the Foundation is proud to support the mythical ASM Omnisports sports club founded by Marcel Michelin which particularly encourages the practice of sport for all.


Founded in 2010 to promote the benefits to health of regular physical exercise, the health, vitality and wellbeing section of the ASM has the clearly-stated ambition of combatting the harmful effects of the sedentary lifestyle.


The backing of the Michelin Corporate Foundation has enabled significant advances to be made, with the development in 2016 of innovative health and wellbeing schemes, testifying to the ASM Omnisport’s aspiration to constantly improve its services to all. Health checkups, interactive talks, physical activities, for all or tailored to people suffering from chronic ailments or designed to prevent diseases of the muscles and bones, the range of programs offered by the Vitality unit is wide.


Supervised by experienced coaches and approved by the project’s science committee, the programs are intended to be open to the largest number of participants, directly in line with the founding philosophy of the ASM Omnisports club of making sport accessible to all.

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The Pôle Vitalité of the ASM Omnisports sports club

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