Establishment of a chair for the study of the factory of the future

Foundation ESCP Europe

Created as a three-year partnership with the Michelin Corporate Foundation and Safran, the new chair at the ESCP Europe business school, “Factory of the Future”, is designed to explore the impact of the digital revolution on managerial and organisational methods in industry.

Indeed, the increasing digitization which is under way in our societies brings a deep change in the demands of consumers, along with the production methods, which must be more flexible and independant.

The new chair will study how digital technology affects production staff, and also identify the best managerial practices to apply in tomorrow’s factories. Its major objectives will be to produce analyses, using European benchmarking and case studies by students.

Finally, its work will contribute to the public debate on the conditions and consequences of new ways of working in factories.

The agreement signed at ESCP Europe on April 27, 2017 made the creation of this new chair official.

Professor Géraldine Galindo is the scientific director.

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The factory of the future as seen by Safran and as seen by Michelin - Copyrights : Cyril Abad / CAPA Pictures / Safran and Michelin

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