“A Journey with Art”: Chinese artist Li Kunwu exhibits at the Michelin China headquarters


On March 8th, 2016, a new exhibition entitled “A Journey with Art” was inaugurated in the premises of the headquarters of Michelin China in Shanghai. Previously presented at the Michelin headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, it features artwork by Chinese artist Li Kunwu and retraces the great epic story of the railway line that connected Yunnanfu (today Kunming) in China to Haiphong in Vietnam, and over which travelled the Michelin rail-cars.



Li Kunwu presented twenty of his drawings in the presence of Bruno de Feraudy, President of Michelin in China and representatives from the province of Yunnan. At the opening of this exhibition, Mr de Feraudy opportunely reiterated the importance of promoting the human and artistic heritage of the communities in the regions where the Group is present: “By promoting culture and heritage, the Michelin Corporate Foundation specifically conveys the philosophy and values of Michelin, while helping the Group to fulfill its mission of social responsibility. The actions of the Foundation are based on the theme of “Helping people move forward”, thus supporting strong and long-term projects in countries where Michelin is present. Michelin China is delighted to take part in this action.”


In then referring to the Michelin rail-cars which travelled from Yunnan to Haiphong in the 1930s, Bruno de Feraudy recalled the historical link between Michelin and China: “We are proud to see that in the artworks of this exhibition, Li Kunwu handled his brush not only to paint the landscapes of Yunnan, but also to illustrate Michelin’s contribution to the Yunnan railway.”


The artworks of Li Kunwu are exhibited for two months; two of them which have been loaned for a longer time by the Michelin Corporate Foundation to Michelin China will remain at the Group’s headquarters in Shanghai.