Clermont-Ferrand, candidate for European Capital of Culture 2028!


During the official support ceremony at the Hôtel de Région on November 17th, the President of the Michelin group, Florent Menegaux, reaffirmed his support for the candidacy of the City of Clermont-Ferrand / Massif central for the European Capital of Culture 2028.

“[…] At Michelin, we know that culture is a fundamental human need. Like mobility, culture contributes to the development of each person […]”

Clermont is today the living environment for nearly 10,000 Michelin employees who thrive there thanks to a diverse and abundant cultural offering. The history of Michelin has been written in Clermont-Ferrand since 1889 and the Clermont-Ferrand identity continues to strongly permeate the Group in the 175 countries where it has developed. This candidacy is a source of pride for Michelin, and for the entire ecosystem in which the company is part.

The Michelin Foundation has supported Clermont Massif Central 2028 since 2021. Through the numerous cultural projects that we support, we know the cultural diversity of the area, its artistic assets, the variety of its offer. We believe in the creative dynamism of the territory, in the commitment of all its cultural actors in collaborative projects, and we also believe in the great open-mindedness of the public, fond of new things and cultural diversity, passionate and insatiable.

Clermont and its region have a lot to offer and deserve to shine even more throughout Europe and the world. This European program is a new opportunity for dialogue between industry and culture, and to promote the working heritage of Clermont (one of the 4 axes of the application).

The Clermont Massif Central 2028 Association will receive the members of the jury in Clermont-Ferrand on December 5th and will defend its project in Paris on December 11th, competing with the other cities selected for the title of European Capital of Culture 2028. A label granted each year to two (sometimes three) European cities to show how culture can enhance territories.

Rendez-Vous December 13th, 2023 to discover the French city, European Capital of Culture 2028!