Five “talks” dedicated to sustainable mobility


The 12th edition of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum which was held in Chengdu, China in November 2014, was dedicated to mobility in the city of the future. To introduce the subject in a dynamic way, the Michelin Corporate Foundation established a partnership with TED, committed and recognised for the quality of its international conferences.


On the day of inauguration of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, five personalities, with very diverse backgrounds, were invited to share their views on sustainable mobility and the related challenges:


  • Amanda Boxtel, paralyzed after a ski accident, explained how she managed to overcome her handicap thanks to technology (a bionic exoskeleton)



  • Brice Lalonde, special advisor to the UN for sustainable development, mentioned the challenges and solutions for confronting climatic changes



  • Doris Leung, creator of a transport company for persons with reduced mobility, spoke about the origins of her project


  • Guillermo Peñalosa, Commissioner in charge of parks, sports and leisure for the city of Bogota, shared his experiences on improving the setting of urban life



  • Paola Santana presented Matternet, the start-up company that she founded to develop drones intended to facilitate the transport of packages in emerging economies


These mini-conferences or “talks” were filmed and are available on the sites of TED City 2.0 and of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum.

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