Happy year of the dragon!


The Museum of Asian Arts – Guimet went to meet the students of a primary school, nestled in the heights of the Clermont suburbs.

Four primary classes from Boisséjour School (104 young students) had the privilege of benefiting from the educational program of the Guimet museum thanks to the sponsorship of the Michelin Corporate Foundation. The Foundation supports projects that contribute to the development of people and promotes access to culture for all.

Through a workshop to discover Chinese culture, centered on the world of Chinese porcelain, the children were able to learn to decipher and understand the symbolism of decorations, patterns and colors.

In China, we exchange greetings on all occasions. Porcelain, popular objects or works of art can be offered during these moments of rejoicing. Their symbolic decorations bear witness to the wishes that we formulate: to be rich, in good health (new year), to live a long time (birthday), to have many children (marriage)…

The objective of these workshops was to awaken young students to another culture, another language, another vision of the world, and to new codes of communication and artistic expression.

Led by a duo of professionals, on the one hand the curator of the China section of the Guimet museum, Claire Déléry, and on the other, a mediator from the Guimet museum specializing in workshops for children Eloise Véronesi, the workshops allowed children to discover in a concrete way, not only the preciousness of the art objects presented, but also to understand that porcelain and Chinese art objects carry meaning in China.

A beautiful trip shared with classmates, in total immersion within the traditional Chinese culture, without having to travel!