Founded in 2017 by Richard DURBIANO and Thibaut MATHIEU, the association Ecomoustik is a non-profit organisation that promotes and develops AGLOSTIC© , a product used to combat the spread of mosquitoes in countries affected by this scourge (Thailand, Brazil, Oceania…).

AGLOSTIC© is a filter based on granulates from the recycling of used tyres. It is installed in gutters and allows water to be filtered naturally. The system thus prevents mosquito larvae from settling and developing without any environmentally hazardous chemicals or components. It adapts to the most common duct pipes and can be installed easily for many years since the material is UV resistant.

The system requires no maintenance, as any leaves are simply blown away by the wind. Adaptable also to manholes as well as to flower pots, AGLOSTIC© can be installed in all the places where mosquitoes breed.

Through AGLOSTIC©, Ecomoustik aims to inform populations and raise awareness on the dangers of the proliferation of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes while fighting against pollution represented by used tyres present everywhere around the world.

The exploit performed by Ecomoustik is to carry out its misssion while providing local jobs, educating populations and equipping collective and individual buildings with its solution.

This project, supported by the Michelin Corporate Foundation, will first be deployed in Thailand, near the 4 Michelin sites: Nogkae, Phra Pradaeng, Laem Chabang and Rayong.

To find out more about Ecomoustik, please click here.

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