Interview of Charles Fiessinger

Michelin Group Diversity and France Mobility Spaces Manager

Michelin Backer for the Orchestre d’Auvergne, Braille & Culture, the Fondation de la Deuxième Chance, and Du Répit pour les Familles

Why become a Michelin backer?

When Anne Teffo, the Deputy Director, sought me out, I discovered the depth of the Michelin Corporate Foundation and its various actions. I am also, on a personal level, receptive to the Group societal engagement because it echoes my values. Supporting the Foundation’s projects seems to me like a good way to express them. Lastly, as France Diversity Manager, I note there are important links between the defence and valorisation of diversity and the Foundation’s actions, especially in sports and health, as can be seen through handicap projects developed with Maison de la Vie and Braille & Culture.

Which actions did you lead as a backer?

I contributed to organise events for each of the projects I sponsor. On the occasion of Women’s Day, on 8 March 2015, we made it possible for ten deserving employees to attend an Orchestre d’Auvergne rehearsal, as well as a concert. We were able to talk with the musicians about the different ways to balance family and professional life. With the Braille & Culture association, I organised an awareness-raising session for Michelin team managers to give them a better understanding of visual handicap within their team. Within the context of the publication of the Guide de l’Aidant Familial by the Du Répit pour les Familles association, we went to the La Montagne offices (a Clermont-Ferrand based newspaper) to introduce the association and its action. Lastly, I will plan a Fondation de la Deuxième Chance conference in order to make it known to our employees and inform them on social volunteering opportunities.

What was the feedback from the Michelin employees regarding these events?

It was very positive. It has been an enriching experience for the Michelin collaborators, whom I’ll let speak for themselves.

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