« Les Grands Hommes »: a film on the Diderot wrestling club at the ASM Omnisports center


Wrestling is one of the many sports activities offered by ASM Omnisports, the legendary sports club founded by Marcel Michelin. This demanding sport has always been a powerful catalyst of assimilation and a link between generations. This is the social reality that Clermont filmmaker Anne-Charlotte Sinet-Pasquier set out to relate in her movie “Les Grands Hommes”.


Backed by ASM Omnisports and AMC2 Productions, a company specializing in production and shooting documentaries, she set up her cameras in the ASM Diderot wrestling hall in the La Plaine area, squeezed between a high-rise housing project and rows of workmen’s homes originally built by Michelin.


There, she filmed the relationships and confrontations which, for over sixty years, have been played out on the wrestling mat. The movie reveals all the sociocultural richness of a distinctive area at the heart of Clermont’s history. The Foundation wished to recognize this heritage by becoming involved in this socially-committed project.


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