The Michelin Corporate Foundation supports two local communities in Romania, Zalău and Ploieşti, with the purchase of medical equipment

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Zalău County Emergency Hospital and Ploieşti County Emergency Hospital

Zalău County Emergency Hospital (SJUZ), which in 2017 admitted 22,000 patients in hospital day care and 25,500 long-term care patients has been undergoing modernisation and improvement of medical care for several years.

The Michelin Corporate Foundation provided the cardiology department with a mannequin simulating the vital functions of intensive care patients, as well as with a portable defibrillator and a treadmill for stress tests, thus helping increase the chance of survival of Zalău county inhabitants.

Similarly, by equipping the rheumatology department with a musculoskeletal ultrasound machine, the Michelin Foundation contributes to the development of better diagnoses and care delivered to patients.

The Michelin Foundation also supported Ploieşti County Emergency Hospital significantly with the purchase of medical equipment for craniotomies performed in neurosurgery. This will help increase quality of all 840 interventions performed each year in this service.



Medical equipment at Zalău Hospital and Ploieşti Hospital

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