Production schools: another way to learn a job


Doing to Learn is the leitmotif of production schools. Through their technical and professional education, they offer young people another perspective of the future than the usual path offered in traditional colleges, and allow them from the age of 15 to project themselves into the world of business and work.

Do to Learn, practice two-thirds of the time on real orders for real customers and thus give young people the opportunity to stand up, gain confidence, be valued and recognized by their peers, capable of fit into an evolving world.

At the end of their training, 50% of them choose to continue their studies, while the others choose to enter professional life with a hiring rate of around 100%.

Member of the network, the TECHNICAL TRAINING INSTITUTE OF THE WEST (IFTO) of Cholet, welcomes young people aged 15 to 18 when entering training, without qualifications. There are no recruitment criteria linked to the educational background, or the level of knowledge of the students. Recruitment is based exclusively on motivation, and desire to implement a project.

Thanks to the support of businesses and communities throughout the country, this network of production schools has spread throughout France, creating new dynamism in the regions.

The Michelin Foundation is proud to support the IFTO of Cholet, which offers excellent training in boilermaking, CAP and BAC Pro levels.

To learn more, view in replay the wonderful documentary on France 2 – Infrarouge “Les étincelants ” Ilan Teboul: https://www.france.tv/france-2/infrarouge/

To select your own production school in France: Les écoles de production – Une autre façon d’apprendre un métier (ecoles-de-production.com)