Unity Park, a greenspace that will change the face of Greenville

The Community Foundation of Greenville

In Greenville, a 60-acre park is becoming a reality. First imagined in 1907 and discussed and planned for more than a decade, it will restore and revitalize a forgotten part of the urban landscape. The site on the western edge of Greenville was once the location of the city’s public works facilities, which were relocated to make way for the park.

The City of Greenville intends to create a greenspace open to all for generations to come as a balance to accelerating urban development. The project will rehabilitate half a mile of the Reedy River upon which the city was founded and will help bring together the surrounding neighborhoods recognized for their rich histories but which have been blighted by poverty and racial segregation.

Earthmoving work on the site will start in summer 2020 and the river will be reshaped in the fall. The first construction, the Auro Bridge, will be completed in October 2021 and the park will open in March of 2022.

The grant from the Michelin Corporate Foundation will be used to fund work on the riverbed and to plant vegetation along the riverbanks to act as a natural filter for sediment, reduce erosion and improve water quality downstream. The Foundation’s support will also contribute to restoring and extending the natural wetlands on the site.

Unity Park in March 2022

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