With more than three million visitors per year, Yellowstone is one of the most visited National Parks in the United States. To protect its exceptional fauna and flora, the Michelin Corporate Foundation has accepted to take part in an innovative project led by the Yellowstone Park Foundation: repairs to the paths that surround and protect the different geysers from the damage caused by visitors.


Thus, a project has been initiated for the most emblematic of them, Old Faithful, to replace the damaged asphalt by ecological material called Flexi-Pave, 50% of which is composed of scrap from tires, which is more respectful of the environment. This new path will wear more slowly and will be permeable to rainwater, which is indispensable for filling the reservoir of the geyser. Intended to be repeated, this experiment will lead the way for other environmental initiatives beyond Yellowstone Park. All of them will serve the purpose of ensuring more responsible and long-term management of these sites of natural heritage, which are unique due to their richness and biodiversity.


Ten employees of Michelin USA worked on this project during the summer of 2015, assisted by Youth from Groundwork USA and employees of Yellowstone National Park.

For more information about the Yellowstone Park Foundation

Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park

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