True to its commitment to sustainable mobility, the Michelin Corporate Foundation supports RoseCar, the first carpooling network dedicated to patients and their families, in order for them to travel more easily from home to hospital.


Rose Association came to offer this service because of an awareness and an observation of a specific situation. On the one hand, the development of ambulatory treatment multiplies the return trips between the patient’s home and hospital. On the other hand, the significant increase in these trips represents heavy costs (more than 4 billion euros for France in 2015), in an economic context that compells health authorities to force health facilities to reduce their transport expenditure.


At the same time, patients fail to find taxis and public transport that are adapted to their health condition; and when they use their own means of transport, they have problems parking in saturated hospital car parks.


The RoseCar platform connects patients, caregivers and more generally users and visitors living close to each other and visiting the same health facility. It is a new way to get to the hospital.

RoseCar is a free digital solution, an innovative service of mutual assistance between patients, a warm, supportive, ecological approach, and an economically virtuous initiative.

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See the video tutorial :


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