The “Maison de la Vie”


The La Maison de la Vie project is the result of a fortunate encounter between the Michelin Enterprise Foundation, which was seeking to create a specialized center for cancer sufferers, and the Groupe Associatif Siel Bleu which has been working for 18 years to put the smile back on the faces of disheartened patients by turning physical activity into a complete therapeutic aid.


La Maison de la Vie seeks to accommodate and provide care for patients in remission who often feel lonely and misunderstood as they set out on the road to recovery. The center’s vocation is to become a place of exchange with others who understand the illness as sufferers or carers. The aim is to provide guidance on how, personally and professionally, to approach life with greater detachment after a bout of illness.


Over a five day period, participants are offered a program giving them the time to sit down, take stock, try out the aids to daily life such as physical activity, breathing exercises and diet workshops, and especially, share experiences and moments of emotion alongside other sufferers in remission. La Maison de la Vie is a truly human adventure, born of shared values.


Week of the launch of La “Maison de la Vie” at Candé-sur-Beuvron, June 2015


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