The Paris Mozart Orchestra settles in Bourges

Paris Mozart Orchestra

Since October 2022, the Paris Mozart Orchestra (PMO) has been settling in Bourges and deploying its activities throughout the Centre-Val de Loire region. Citizen and united orchestra, the Orchestra travels, from the heart of the city to rural areas, to meet all audiences in a spirit of sharing, of openness, and access to culture for as many people as possible.

The Paris Mozart Orchestra, under the impetus of Claire Gibault, aims to highlight all talents, whether they are students from local schools, solo musicians from the orchestra, conductors orchestra winners of the La Maestra Competition, or cultural, associative or economic actors from Bourges and its area.

The Michelin Foundation shares this same commitment to the regions and the values ​​of access to culture for all, which is why it has chosen to support the Paris Mozart Orchestra in its new adventure in Bourges, where the Group is implanted.

A great opportunity for the Michelin Bourges site to build bridges between the world of industry and culture.

Photos - ©Margot Seminel PMO

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