Understand to act, train to transform

Transition Campus

How can we transform our way of thinking and acting to promote ecological and social transition? How to support this transformation?

A training organization for ecological and social transition, the Campus de la Transition (association law 1901) is both a research-action laboratory and an experimental eco-place for sober and united lifestyles. Since its creation in 2017 in Forges in Seine-et-Marne, it has been open to all audiences: students, researchers, teachers, committed citizens.

The work carried out by the Campus de la Transition relates both to the content (systemic understanding of the challenges of transition) and to the form (reflection around engaging and transforming pedagogical practices).

Born from all these experiences and associated reflections, the Great Transition manuals aim at providing innovative theoretical and practical tools to university teachers.

The Michelin Corporate Foundation wished to contribute to the development of this educational material (educational documents, serious games, workshops, visual aids) and of university courses promoting a better understanding of socio-ecological issues.

The educational material has been tested since 2021 in four institutions in France, and reaches more than 3,000 students per year who are and will be impacted by this project.

  • Montpellier Business School
  • The Assumption Bondy (Bondy in Seine St Denis)
  • ESSEC Business School (Cergy Pontoise)
  • Paris 8 University (Saint Denis en Seine St-Denis)

The Campus de la Transition plays a key role in France in raising awareness of transition issues and getting the various stakeholders moving.

Presentation of the Transition Campus by Cécile Renouard, co-founder and President of the association:

Photos : © Hugues Lefebvre, © Lucas Gosset

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