1,000 solutions to change the world

Solar Impulse Foundation

Combining ecology and economy is the mission of the Solar Impulse Foundation which is deeply committed to environmental protection. It is pursuing its action this year under the leadership of its founder Bertrand Piccard who, with the creation of the World Alliance, has set himself the target of promoting clean technologies by bringing together all the players involved.

After the successful flight of Solar Impulse, the first zero-carbon perpetually autonomous aircraft, the Foundation has set a new challenge for itself. It wants to select 1,000 clean, efficient and viable solutions and present them to the world’s leading decision-making bodies to speed up the transition towards a sustainable carbon-neutral economy.

To choose solutions that protect the environment cost-effectively, the Solar Impulse Foundation has developed the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label. Inventors wishing to submit solutions must follow a rigorous evaluation process managed by a panel of independent experts. Solutions meeting the requirements of technical feasibility, environmental impact and profitability are awarded the label and take their place in the portfolio of 1,000 solutions.

Once selected and awarded the label, the 1,000 solutions will be referenced in a detailed compendium. Bertrand Piccard will then undertake a world tour to present them to governments and leading institutions and companies and in this way demonstrate their positive impact on the economy and the environment.

This project fully corresponds to the values of the Michelin Corporate Foundation which has made the protection of the environment one of its major priorities.

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