ADIE: Promoting “mobility towards employment” for people financially excluded


Adie is a non-profit organisation created in 1989 by Maria Nowak. Part of the idea is to empower entrepreneurs without funds or diploma to succeed in running their own businesses provided they can have access to micro-credit and professional, personalised coaching based on trust, solidarity and responsibility. For Adie, allowing individuals to create their own businesses instead of having their talents wasted is a key vector of social inclusion.

According to an Elabe survey carried out by the Inclusive Mobility Laboratory in January 2017, almost one in four French people were forced to give up opportunities for jobs or training because of lack of transportation (48% for young people and 54% for the most economically vulnerable ones).

Moreover, the latest Elabe study of May 2018 showed that cheaper transportation costs (gas, transport tickets, insurance) would improve daily mobility for 53% of French people.

Therefore Adie uses microfinance to provide access to personal and professional micro-credit, more precisely to those people financially excluded from the labour market but with mobility needs such as purchasing or repairing a vehicle, taking a practice theory test, obtaining a driving licence or attending a licence point recovery course.

Adie’s purpose is to support the beneficiary in maintaining or accessing a job or starting a business.

The Adie “mobility towards employment” project, supported by the Michelin Corporate Foundation, will span the next three years and will help 30 people a year, a total of 90 people.

It will be implemented in the following three cities: Vannes, Golbey and Troyes.



Alice founder of a travelling grocery, Moussa private driver and Nourou driving school manager

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