Chronicles: “Helping people move forward”, radio broadcasts on Sustainable Mobility


RCF is a radio group of proximity: with more than 60 local stations and 240 frequencies distributed throughout France and Belgium, it reaches nearly 500,000 listeners each day. Its programming is mainly dedicated to cultural content, while also leaving substantial airtime to the economy, news and the environment. This is why the Michelin Corporate Foundation has established a partnership with RCF to create and broadcast chronicles on sustainable mobility.


From September 2014 to June 2015, Patrick Oliva, Michelin Group Senior Vice President, Strategic Anticipation and Sustainable Development, participated once a week to address themes as varied as carpooling, the Google Car, hydrogen, congestion in cities, biofuels, etc. Sustainable mobility is explored from all facets, and avenues of reflection are proposed to imagine what tomorrow will be like: how will vehicles be in the future? How will cities be organised? How can a web of solidarity be woven around mobility?


A few of these chronicles may be found below and all of them are available at the site of RCF.



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