Artistic projects


Bolstered by the bonds that they have developed through assistance with studies, the Foundation and the École Supérieure d’Art de Clermont Métropole have carried out several projects together.

Project 1: Les enfants, auteurs de leur ville

To permit each child to become a citizen and participate in reflection about the city of tomorrow, the ESACM, aided by the Foundation, has set up participative workshops in several neighbourhoods, which move from place to place and are open to everyone. Using the tools of contemporary art, the children bring a fresh perspective to the area where they live and invent the one of tomorrow.


Project 2: Le film infini, le travail – What does work mean today?

By first filming the industrial movements in several Michelin factories in different countries of the world, students examine the meaning of work and its cultural perception around the transformation of raw materials. Later, other manners of learning and working will be filmed: the cameras will follow the rugby team of the Association Sportive Michelin (ASM) and the training centre during training to understand the similarities and differences between movements in industrial settings and those in sports settings.

Exhibition “Les Voix des Pistes, une réflexion sur le travail”

The film Les Voix des Pistes

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