An interview with Jean-Charles Vergne, FRAC Auvergne Manager, January 16th, 2017

MCF: What has the partnership with Michelin Corporate Foundation (MCF) brought you?


JCV: The partnership with the Michelin Corporate Foundation has enabled us to envision large-scale projects with international artists and, with the local authorities, reinforce the position of the FRAC Auvergne at the heart of the region. The project with Pierre Gonnord is an example. For us, this partnership opens up tremendous development possibilities. We suggested to the Michelin Corporate Foundation that they organize a number of in-house events specifically for the Michelin workforce in the shape of exhibitions held in Michelin Group locations, introductory lectures on contemporary art or children’s workshops


MCF: Tell us how the Pierre Gonnord exhibition project originated..


JCV: The project originated from the wish of the Association Sportive Montferrandaise (ASM) to give free rein to an artist. FRAC Auvergne was keen to suggest that the choice should fall on Pierre Gonnord because of the evocative and internationally-recognized power of his portraits. The aim was for him to produce portraits of ASM players at the end of a match or after an intensive training session. The personalities in the photos are well-known in the Auvergne region and, thanks to the Michelin Corporate Foundation, this has enabled a totally new public to be drawn to the FRAC. And it is not just connoisseurs of contemporary art that come to see Pierre Gonnord’s photos but all rugby fans too.


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Inauguration of the Pierre Gonnord exhibition at the FRAC Auvergne in the presence of rugby players

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