Aviation Sans Frontières – 40 years of humanitarian aid

Aviation Sans Frontières

The Michelin Corporate Foundation is working alongside Aviation Sans Frontières in giving its support to two assignments benefiting remote and underprivileged populations. The tasks are to get emergency medical aid to sick children and provide medical logistics.

The wings of humanitarian aid

Created in 1980 amid awareness that aviation could play a key part in the international humanitarian aid chain, Aviation Sans Frontières is an NGO with public benefit status. Using airline network resources as well as its own fleet of planes, the organization brings essential logistical support to hundreds of aid workers by ensuring the transport of relief supplies and personnel all over the world.

Emergency relief

Through its 800 volunteer workers, Aviation Sans Frontières responds to up to twenty humanitarian aid requests every day. Working with a large number of NGOs, the organization provides support to over 600 seriously ill children every year, offering them places in European hospitals for operations which cannot be carried out in their own countries. Once cured, the young patients return to their families. Aviation Sans Frontières operates internationally to help remote and underprivileged communities connect to the outside world by providing basic necessities such as medicines, medical and surgical supplies and food supplements through a medical logistics system. Every year, over 8,000 packages of medical supplies are delivered to 26 countries.

The Michelin Corporate Foundation is proud to give its support to Aviation Sans Frontières by contributing to emergency operations managed by totally committed teams.

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