True to its values, the Michelin Corporate Foundation encourages a commitment from Michelin employees to ensuring that young people achieve success, at school and in their jobs. With this aim in mind, it has created a partnership with the Un Avenir Ensemble Foundation which offers holders of the Légion d’Honneur, Ordre National du Mérite and Médaille Militaire distinctions the opportunity to sponsor youngsters from deprived backgrounds from tenth grade until they start work.


The stakes behind this engagement are social integration, a strengthening of the bonds between generations and between different social groups and the recognition within society of the concept of merit. In practice, the Un Avenir Ensemble Foundation creates pairings between the medal holders and their pupils which, it hopes, will last from high school until the youngsters get a job. The role of the sponsors is to give guidance to their pupils in their career choices and help them map out and build their career paths.


The Michelin Corporate Foundation wishes to play its part in stimulating upward mobility and encourages company employees to join forces with the Un Avenir Ensemble Foundation.


Signing new sponsorship agreements with Michelin employees


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