Since March 2000, the Coopérative de Mai, the current music venue in Clermont-Ferrand, has accompanied the profound transformation of the city thanks to its two concert halls and its Pépinière. Its bold and artistic project which brings people together, involves local artists who are still amateurs, as well as professionals, national and international artists, focusing on contemporary music in all its forms. It supports innovative or popular artistic creation through demanding and diversified programming, but also stage performances, residences for artists and assistance with original projects.


The Coopérative de Mai schedules more than 150 concerts and welcomes 75,000 spectators per year. Each year, it also organises the Europavox Festival, which is a remarkable showcase for current European music. It also supports and develops its own “pépinière” (incubator), the Pépinière de Mai, geared towards cultural activities, assistance to artists and support to young structures in the music sector. Its objective is to encourage the growth and development of creative cultural projects that are durable and that help artists to become professional while assisting them for the long-term.


The Coopérative de Mai participates in an unusual and modern way in influencing the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in terms of contemporary creation. The Michelin Corporate Foundation is proud to support this creative endeavour.


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Earth, Wind and Fire in concert at the Coopérative de Mai

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