Deployment of the VIA Road Safety Education Program

IFRC - Global Road Safety Partnership

Because road accidents are the leading cause of death among young people aged 5 to 29, educating young people in safe behavior on the road is a priority.

Launched by the Michelin and TotalEnergies Foundations in October 2019, VIA is a road safety education program intended to be deployed in schools all over the world. It is aimed at young people aged 10 to 18 and is based on an interactive and engaging pedagogy which purpose is to improve the safety of young people in cities and on the roads.

This program, innovative through its creative learning methods, allows young people to develop their thinking and adjust their behavior to their own environment.

Designed as a modular, flexible, and accessible program, VIA can be tailored to local environments and needs making it easily replicable across the world. It can easily complement current road safety curricula in schools avoiding the risk of duplication. It includes detailed instruction manuals, digital tools and paper-based tools, instructional videos and educational games.

VIA’s pilot program was conducted in early 2019 in three countries (Cameroon, France and India), where it showed excellent results. Based on this experience, the Global Road Safety Partnership (IFRC), the TotalEnergies Foundation and the Michelin Foundation have decided to deploy this program on a global scale.

Since 2019 until today, 875 schools have signed up in 29 countries across different continents (Africa, Asia, South America and Europe), and more than 170,000 students have been trained in the VIA program to date.

To join the VIA program: https://www.viaroadsafety.com/en/get-involved

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