“SuperCircul’”, a game to educate children on the dangers of the road


For young people, the road is a dangerous place. As a reminder, in France in 2014, 97 children under 14 were killed and 5,250 were injured. The Prévention Routière Association, one of the most active organizations for road safety education in France, has decided to step up its action for this target audience.


To heighten awareness in children, it has staked its campaign on deploying a variety of learning games and events to schools on topics such as pedestrian safety, being a car passenger, riding a bicycle and using public transport. With backing from the Michelin Corporate Foundation, it has designed a large-scale game called “SuperCircul’” which it has offered to schools and leisure centers all over France. Its aim is to persuade children to adopt the right behaviors whatever their means of transport, walking, cycling or travelling by car or public transport.


The game is an effective teaching aid which has proved its usefulness. It helps children gain a basic understanding of road safety and develop the proper reflexes in a fun way.


“SuperCircul’” was inaugurated on November 25, 2015 at Saint-Charles elementary school, in Paris.

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Launching the “SuperCircul’” game at the Saint Charles elementary school in Paris

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