Do you know Café Joyeux ?


Café Joyeux is the first French café-restaurant family that employs and trains people with mental and cognitive disabilities in the heart of our cities (Paris, Rennes, Bordeaux, Tours, etc.) in France, and even further away in Lisboa.

In France, 700,000 people are diagnosed as having autism spectrum disorders and 65,000 have Trisomy 21. They are two to three times more affected by unemployment than the rest of the population. Only 0.5% of people with mental disabilities work in an ordinary environment.

Café Joyeux, a social enterprise 100% owned by an endowment fund, was founded in 2017 in Rennes and has been growing ever since with the joyous ambition of making a difference a strength. A solidarity mission that devotes all of its value creation to the inclusion of disability in all its forms.

The Michelin Foundation shares this same desire to include disability in our lives and is particularly happy to have contributed to the opening of the Café Joyeux in Tours last June.