France – Romania Season November 27th 2018-July 14th 2019

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Support for our cultural heritage and the arts is at the core of the Michelin Corporate Foundation’s values.

Officially inaugurated on November 27th 2018, the 2019 France-Romania Season aims to show present-day Romania in a new light to the French public.
The Season has been designed to strengthen the cultural, economic, scientific and civic bonds that historically link
France and Romania.

It has the threefold aim of breaking down stereotypes to change the image and perception each people has of the other, of demonstrating the energy and imagination of French and Romanian innovators and businesses and of reinforcing their commitment to Europe as a force for peace.

The program began with Romanian events in France (from November 27th 2018 to April 14th 2019) and will continue with French events in Romania (from April 18th to July 14th 2019). A wide range of cultural events are on offer: music at the Lyon Opera, the Halle Tropisme in Montpellier and the “Snow Fest” at Les Deux Alpes; theatre at the Abbesses in Paris and in Lyon; an exhibition of Romanian painters at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the MuCem in Marseille, the Passerelle de Brest, the Musée de la chasse et de la nature in Paris and the Kunsthale museum in Mulhouse.
There are also events focused on the cinema, literature and gastronomy.

The opening event was held at the Cathedral of Saint-Louis des Invalides in Paris with a concert given by l’Ensemble instrumental de Paris directed by the Franco-Romanian conductor Christian Ciuca with the Bucharest Madrigal Choir and continued at the Pompidou Center in the presence of the French President.

The Michelin Corporate Foundation is pleased to support this project and so contribute to the spread of French culture abroad and the recognition of Romanian culture in France.

France - Romania Season

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