Great start for the mobile kitchen!


At the beginning of September, the association “Les Enfants cuisinent” founded by Olivier Chaput, chef, inaugurated the tour of a new mobile device, with the support of the Michelin Foundation.

Why a mobile kitchen?

In September 2020, the new Ipsos/Secours Populaire barometer established that the health crisis had suddenly plunged millions of people into precariousness. In fact, despite the aid measures put in place, one in three French people suffered a significant loss of income.

Aware that the food budget was becoming very limited for these families, the association looked for a way to share concretely with as many people as possible how to eat healthly on a small budget.

The mobile kitchen is fully designed and equipped with the aim of meeting people in food insecurity situations in order to offer them simple actions to improve their daily nutrition.

The ambition is to make all children aware of the food chain (from the choice of product to the plate) so that they become adult consumers, actors in their health.

Participatory cooking workshops, culinary demonstrations and raising awareness of “eating well & good” will be added to existing systems in the territories (social and solidarity grocery stores, farms, short circuits, etc.) and will be shared throughout the route to provide solutions to families where they live.

On the roads of Ile de France until the end of 2022, the mobile kitchen will continue its tour of the territories from 2023.


Inauguration of the mobile kitchen September 8th, 2022