Houses for Science available to teachers


A laboratory of innovative ideas and practices for almost 30 years, La main à la pâte Foundation has been working with teachers to improve the quality of science teaching in primary and secondary schools, in particular by coordinating the Houses for science. This year, the network celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Thanks to the Houses for Science, present in 13 regions in France, more than 70,000 teachers have been trained to date in the territories. For 10 years, 3,400 training actions have been organized and 5,615 scientists have been mobilized.

A historical donator of La main à la pâte Foundation since its creation, the Michelin Corporate Foundation is committed to encouraging a taste for science among students in the many fields offered by the Houses for Science (materials, astronomy, botany , chemistry, health, science and society, energy, sustainable development, mathematics, technology, digital, biodiversity, etc.).

By relying on the expertise of the scientific community which contributes to the construction and animation of training actions, participants can get a concrete representation of contemporary science, its processes of thought and action, and thus consolidate and then update their knowledge. These training systems then allow teachers to organize scientific activities with their students throughout their careers.

©Sébastien Di Silvestro