Trusted carpooling scheme for children and people who need assistance


Active and concerned with helping to develop sustainable mobility solutions that are vectors of social ties and personal development, the Michelin Corporate Foundation supports Keepmove, trusted carpooling scheme that focuses on promoting collaborative and inclusive mobility for those who need assistance: children, elderly or disabled people.


Keepmove is the result of an ambitious initiative to create a community facilitating transportation for people who need assistance, and a mobile application to better organise and manage everyone’s journeys related with personal development activities (school, leisure, sports, culture, work, etc.) thanks to collaborative carpooling of associated travels.


In a world where mobility is a powerful lever for personal development, Keepmove seeks to take into account the specific constraints of people who need assistance and to provide them with sustainable and secure solutions when it comes to facilitate and organise their journeys. The purpose of this mobile application is to help families – and, first and foremost, single-parent families or families with both parents active – when they experience difficulties in organising children’s as well as all family members’ transportation. The app helps them managing calendar conflicts and offers them secure carpooling solutions.


To learn more about “Keepmove”, please click here.


You will find below the video tutorial, an example of a creation of activity:

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