L’ASM, reconciling sport and education

ASM Omnisports

One of the defining aims of Marcel Michelin in founding the ASM sports club in 1911 was to train and educate young people by promoting a policy of reaching out to the widest public.
With the backing of the Michelin Group, and since 2014 of the Michelin Corporate Foundation, the ASM’s ambition is to spread the values of sport and diversity.

The ASM has never ceased to evolve since its creation.

Today it covers 15 disciplines with 6,400 club members from Clermont-Ferrand and the surrounding area. Its three centers of excellence “Sport Avenir Jeunesse”, “Pépinière de
haut niveau” and “ASM Vitalité” assert the values of sport through education, performance and health.

The involvement of the Michelin Corporate Foundation alongside the ASM makes access to sporting activities easier for the less well-off, especially for children. The ASM endeavors to provide professional and personalized coaching within high-quality facilities, offering its members the best possible conditions in which to practice their sports.
A perfect example of this is the innovative “Ecole Jaune et Bleue”.

Launched at the initiative of the ASM and managed by the “Sport Avenir Jeunesse” center, this social and educational program is intended for 4th and 5th grade junior school students from priority neighborhoods.
Two schools in Clermont-Ferrand near the Gauthière facility where the club is based have already joined the scheme and the ASM Omnisports buildings are opened every day at the end of the afternoon to 60 pupils who are given a snack and help with their homework and take part in games and sports.

This scheme brings together people from the community to help young people with social and educational difficulties assimilate, using sport as a driver to teach elementary school basics and applying innovative
learning methods to stimulate the pupils’ interest.

Launching the “Jaune et Bleu” school

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