Apprentices in training centres, a population exposed to road hazards


“The road ahead”, directed by Julien Donada, is a documentary initiated by the Association Prévention Routière and the Michelin Corporate Foundation.

Road hazards are the leading cause of death among young people and represent a major social issue.


As a result, the Association Prévention Routière and the Michelin Corporate Foundation have decided to cooperate with the aim of developing a new road safety programme.

In 2016-2017, several actions to raise awareness among young apprentices were organised in agriculture apprentice training centres.


This programme, led by a psychologist, does not use a moralistic approach, but favours exchanges between young people.

This documentary, inspired by these awareness-raising workshops, looks back at the highlights of the exchanges, and shows the day-to-day experience of these young people and their behaviour towards road hazards.


This documentary will be made available to professionals (youth, education, public health, road safety …) to complete the prevention system of the Association Prévention Routière, and will also be used in apprentice training centres classrooms.

You will find below the teaser :