On horseback against cancer!

Cavaltitude Association

In Auvergne, the Cavaltitude association celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2022 and launches the 5th promotion of its Amazones program, entirely devoted to horse riding adapted for women affected by breast cancer.

President of the Cavaltitude association, Nathalie Salles-Tourreix, shares her love of horses and her own fight against disease.

“Cavaltitude was born from this evidence: frequenting my horse made me feel good! So, I wanted to share and check the effect on other people.”

Epidemiological studies in France and around the world have shown that appropriate physical activity improves the physical and moral state of cancer patients, reduces the side effects of treatment and limits the risk of recurrence.

“With my horse, I could be ME, without filter. He carried me, supported me, transported me without judgement, gently, and sometimes as a challenge,” explains Nathalie Salles-Tourreix.

Through meetings with health professionals in Clermont-Ferrand, and with this wonderful desire to offer women with cancer a moment of escape and letting go in contact with horses, the Amazones program was born in 2017.

The riding sessions offered at the Ecuries de la Limagne in Ennezat are suitable for a small group of patients or ex-patients, monitored by the Jean-Perrin center or the Pôle Santé République. About thirty sessions are offered over a school year with the challenge of participating in a day of horseback riding at the end of the program!

The Michelin Foundation was seduced by this program which, thanks to the horse placed at the heart of the process, allows participants to regain strength and confidence to “get back on the saddle” and move forward!

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