Solidarity Back-to-School Operation


“According to Unicef ​​estimates, nearly one in five children lives below the poverty line in France. In other words, more than 3 million children aged 3 to 18 are currently in a materially precarious situation and do not have access to all essential school supplies. However, access to these products is a key success factor in education and integration into society. »

The Solidarity Back-to-School operation started at the beginning of June and will continue until the beginning of the 2022 school year. Partner associations can place an order for school supplies and schoolbags on the online catalog throughout the period.

The Michelin Foundation is glad to be part of this wonderful chain of solidarity, made possible thanks to the actions of ADN (Agence du Don en Nature) together with an amazing network of associations and volunteers.

Since 2018, the Michelin Foundation offers free transport for a week during solidarity operations carried out throughout the year.

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