Sunday August 30th International day of the disappeared


During armed conflicts and other situations of violence, in times of natural disaster, migration or humanitarian crisis, a great number of people become separated from their families and lose all contact.

Since 2016, the Michelin Corporate Foundation has been supporting the French Red Cross which is striving every day to restore and maintain family links.

Teams of volunteers and professionals go out to meet refugees living in camps on the coast, enabling them to keep in touch or remake contact with their relatives of whom they are without news.

In an average week, at least one family is reunited thanks to the search website www.tracetheface.org and the work of volunteers from the Restoring family links program in Europe. Over 5,700 photos have been published in a secure online environment in the hope that relatives will recognize them. Families are waiting to find out what has happened to loved ones whose trace has been lost in tragic circumstances.

So on Sunday August 30th, during International day of the disappeared, the French Red Cross, together with the International Committee of the Red Cross and national Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations, has wished to give expression to those who are never heard and bring this tragedy to the world’s attention.

Report entitled “Reunion” by journalist Anthony Fouchard on TV5 Monde television channel :