The kitchen-truck in Auvergne !


Since its inauguration in September 2022, the kitchen-truck has traveled the roads in Ile de France, Normandy, Drôme, and last Wednesday in Auvergne, meeting younger generations in order to educate them about “eating well and good food”, on a low budget.

On October 18, during taste week in France, the Michelin Foundation and ASM Omnisports welcomed Les Insatiables association (Groupe SOS) and their kitchen-truck to Clermont-Ferrand. During six workshops of 45 minutes each, under the watchful eye of the chef of the day, Lilian, the young budding athletes from ASM Omnisports, aged 6 to 10, discovered the different steps to concoct two recipes simple, healthy and suitable for physical activity: a smoothie and a cereal bar.

To acquire know-how, there’s nothing like getting your hands dirty!

The children left the kitchen-truck with recipes in their pockets to share at home, and full of energy to resume their sporting activities of the day.

Through this event, the Michelin Foundation is delighted to have facilitated a meeting between two associations that it supports and seized the opportunity to remind the importance of adopting good eating habits early and practicing regular sporting activity.

A big thank you to all the participants, the chef, the ASM Omnisports dietician and the children for all contributing to this friendly and tasty moment!

Photos ASM Omnisports & Fondation Michelin