The Michelin Foundation is committed to healthcare in SRI-LANKA

UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)

Faced with the unprecedented economic crisis in Sri Lanka, an emergency contribution will be made to facilitate the supply of medicines and medical equipment. 

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has been supporting Sri Lanka since 1967 in its action to reduce poverty and inequality. Regarding the field of health, the country has a free health care system, accessible to all, synonymous with improving the standard of living, but which, in order to function, must import 85% of its medicines. 

However, the major economic crisis affecting the country has caused a serious shortage: since May 2022, two vital medicines, 188 essential medicines as well as surgical and laboratory equipment have been out of stock, significantly affecting the health system. 

Faced with the emergency, a call for donations was launched through UNDP’s Private Sector Facility to address the supply shortage within the domestic healthcare market and enable the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka to reach the national requirement for essential medicines and to meet the needs in anticipating orders. The UNDP will liaise with the Ministry of Health to identify in real time, in each hospital, the available stocks and what is most needed at the time. The UNDP will then manage and implement procurement processes to purchase these essential medicines that will then be handed over to be sent to hospitals via the network of the Ministry of Health.

The Michelin Foundation is proud of the support given to this emergency aid project. 

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