Twice the Wild – rising to the challenge of climate change

Nova Scotia Nature Trust

Canada, with its enormous natural heritage, is investing through the Nova Scotia Nature Trust in an innovative program called ‘Twice the Wild’.

Preserving Nova Scotia’s wildlands

With the longest coastline in the world, a quarter of the planet’s wetlands and boreal forests and a fifth of its fresh water, a vital habitat for birds, fish and mammals, Canada is aware of its responsibility towards nature and is acting to protect it for future generations.

To this aim, the Canadian government has granted over 14 million dollars to the Province of Nova Scotia to increase the number of protected areas. Responsibility for conserving public wildlands has been devolved since 1994 to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust which watches over more than 6,000 hectares of primary forests, iconic coasts, islands, lakes, rivers, wetlands and major wildlife habitats.

Involving citizens in the ‘Twice the Wild’ program

Beyond public natural areas, the Nova Scotia Nature Trust wants to play a more significant part in preserving the wild spaces in private hands which currently represent over 70% of Nova Scotia’s land area and 85% of its coastline and whose management can sometimes be harmful for biodiversity. To meet this target, the Trust must engage with landowners to create a climate of mutual confidence favoring the development of environmentally acceptable solutions.

Despite the efforts and aid of the government, the Nova Scotia Nature Trust’s funds are currently dwindling. Yet the Trust has decided to double the number of natural protected areas, to cover 12,000 hectares by 2023. To meet the challenge, the Trust is rolling out an innovative program called ‘Twice the Wild’, a true emergency call to action from every citizen. In practical terms, every donation made will unlock four times the amount in matching funds to be used wholly for the new protected areas.

The Michelin Corporate Foundation, which operates internationally, has chosen to back this environmental initiative in Nova Scotia, a region where the Michelin Group has been present for 50 years.

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