Every year in the Morbihan, very high tonnages of bread are thrown away by medium and large supermarkets, but also by craft bakers and mass catering.

The ESAT of Le Prat in Vannes, whose mission is to make people with disabilities access a professional activity is working with the Food Bank of Morbihan to combat food waste and social exclusion.


This project aims at recovering and upgrading 900 tonnes of bread per year, thus providing work to adults with disabilities. Once the bread is received, it is sorted, shredded, dried, crushed in breadcrumbs and supplied to animal feed manufacturers. This production is then incorporated into local pig diet, thus reducing the import of feed wheat and soybeans.


The Michelin Corporate Foundation lends its support to this project, which contributes to the development of a responsible, solidarity-based and circular environmental economy.


Le Pain Perdu ®

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