“Un Avenir Ensemble Foundation” in Clermont-Ferrand!


Since 2009, Un Avenir Ensemble Foundation is supporting deserving young high school students until their professional integration.

Nearly 1,000 students are now supported by Un Avenir Ensemble Foundation thanks to the partnerships of 175 high schools throughout France.

A dynamic team (network of decorated nationals and goodwill from the world of education) is mobilized with high schools from diverse areas (technical, agricultural or maritime high schools) in order to identify deserving young people having the desire to progress and move forward through work.

The deserving high school student then meets his or her mentor who will accompany him or her for 5 years (on average) upon his academic life path and will help him to project himself, broaden his horizons, raise his ambitions and develop his self-confidence and autonomy.

Un Avenir Ensemble Foundation recruits its mentors from among the decorated (individual sponsorship), but also from the corporate world (corporate sponsorship), thus allowing employees to engage with a deserving young person.

Thanks to the Michelin Foundation’s corporate partnership, around thirty Michelin employees are already supporting deserving young people from modest backgrounds, with the aim of contributing to greater social mobility.

On May 11, Un Avenir Ensemble Foundation came to Clermont-Ferrand, to the company’s headquarters, in order to meet the Michelin mentors.

A great face-to-face event, essential, after a long year of health crisis.

Meeting at Michelin's headquarters